Kentuckians will show America how it’s done!

Check out how each county is progressing toward the goal.


96 – 100%

76 – 95%

51 – 75%

26 – 50%

5 – 25%

0 – 4%

Not included in pilot

People in communities across central and eastern Kentucky believe in America and are inviting their friends and neighbors to be part of holding it together.

To ensure every county in the Lexington market area has its voice heard in the conversations, we’re mapping pre-registration progress toward per capita county goals.


Pre-Registration Progress

955 / 1,000 (96%)

Why Kentucky? Why these counties?

The national team that developed Meeting of America has personal connections to Kentucky and saw that it represents the rich variety of America particularly well. They wanted Meeting of America to begin in the heartland and believed Kentuckians were the right people to chart the path for the rest of the country. Rather than beginning with a whole state, the 42 counties that make up the Lexington Market Area were chosen. Our goal there is based on the area’s share of the entire United States population and the desire to ultimately welcome millions of Americans into the experience nationally.