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What exactly are Americans invited to do?

Have a light-hearted yet meaningful conversation with folks you might not otherwise meet, for one hour in a small group on a custom video platform.

This invitation is for people who refuse to give up on the promise of America, who refuse to give up on each other. Over the course of this experience, detailed below, participants will listen with curiosity, speak from their own experience, and connect with respect. They will speak freely and be truly heard while having grace for one another. They will ultimately have a chance to fix things together that they broadly agree are broken. Most importantly, they’ll illuminate for the rest of the nation the path to honoring difference without disunion.

What to expect?

Meeting of America participants will join a one-hour, small group conversation hosted on a custom video platform. The conversation will be flexibly scheduled and match individuals into optimally mixed groups. After that conversation, called Connect, they will be invited to continue the experience with up to two more conversations, Commit and Champion. In the third conversation (Champion), participants will identify and discuss areas of shared concern that they may then volunteer to actively address in their communities.

Those who identify and volunteer to address an area of shared concern will be introduced to non-partisan organizations doing so. They will also be offered training to spearhead their own efforts. Without endorsing any particular Champion effort, Meeting of America will catalyze a groundswell of civic engagement.

Connect with each other to see individual humanity across differences, extracting some of the poison out of polarization

Commit to America’s founding ideals and other values that bind us together, building a shared national identity and foundation for the future. (See the Commitment created by Partner Pilot participants on the About page)

Champion the New American Commitment, created by participants, in our daily lives and volunteer to collaboratively address areas of shared concern identified by participants

The most important of these three goals (conversation themes) is Connect. We seek to maximize the number of Americans who listen, are heard, and see humanity across differences. After doing so in Conversation #1, many will continue in pursuit of deepening impact and an increasingly rich experience.